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Aromatherapy massage delicate aromas senses with our special blend of essential oils are applied all over the body with relaxation movements to relieve stress, tension and tired muscles.
50 minute hot stone massage This ancient healing art uses evidence to relieve stress and provide a deeper level of relaxation. Natural stones are strategically placed heated chakra points and full body massage to help relieve pressure and stress disappear.

50 minutes / 80 minutes
Massage couple have fun and relax while two therapists perform Swedish massage stress both simultaneously. This can also be a fun experience for a mother-daughter or just with girl friends. Your vacation is not complete without this true spa experience.
50 minutes Four Hands Massage This popular massage that is made exclusively for you by two therapists working in sync, leaving you in a state of total bliss.

50 minutes
Shoulders back and neck massage A classic Swedish massage technique that quickly relieves tension, improves circulation and increases welfare.
In 25 minutes of reflexology pressure This technique focuses on specific points of the feet to release tension, fatigue and increase circulation. This is an excellent choice for all types of pain, especially after a busy day.

25 minutes
Massage Scalp massage focuses on the scalp, face and neck, which focuses on specific points of stress. It is very effective to relax the whole body. Highly recommended as an accompaniment to any massage or treatment.
25 minutes

A massage therapy massage therapy customized specifically tailored to your needs. The therapist will focus on problem areas to restore balance and relieve stress.
50 minutes


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 What is A Massage ?.. A massage is the activity that is to rub, press or hit with some pace and intensity of various parts of the body for therapeutic purposes, aesthetic or sports.

 Sport, Relax Massage in Jaco Costa Rica

Massage can be considered as a technique, an art or even a science, since it involves matters biological, medical, psychological and other areas. It is believed that massage can help relax muscles, relieve pain and induce sleep.Jaco Massage

Massage can fulfill multiple functions. There are massage therapy (to improve circulation, help to regain mobility and reduce strain), physiological massage (relieves tiredness),sports massage (prepare the athlete for competition), massages (provide comfort and regulate voltage), preventive massage (relaxing a tense area…

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Tourist circuit of great beauty, with a range of viewpoints that enable see two distinct areas of the Valley, communities include Ujarrás Orosi and there were two early Spanish settlements in the time of conquest, sites where you can see two of unique colonial buildings of the country’s renowned Ujarrás ruins and the beautiful Church of Orosi, with its considerable treasures of altarpieces, statues and other historical aspects.

For its strategic location Reventazón Valley as it is also known, is unavoidable tourist destination for many travel agencies, which find a high quality tourism product in which tourists can develop activities from trout fishing and shrimp, boat rentals , enjoy hot springs, observation of plantation agriculture and engineering and in recent years of various hosting

companies that have been established.

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What is a Sports Massage ?

 Sports Massage

Although it may seem, the origins of sports massage are not exactly recent, dating from Greek and Roman times.
In Roman times, the gladiators received massages before and after their bitter struggles.

Furthermore, with the advent of the Olympics, the Greeks refined existing techniques and had an excellent approach to what we now understand that the sports massage.
Features sports massage For sports massage should not be understood by a set of novel and specific maneuvers exclusively for the treatment of athletes, but sports massage based on the same principles and massage movements. However, this does not stop because of the peculiarity of the sports world, these massages require major adaptations.

Sports Massage Evolution

Sport Massage

Sport Massage

Not only must adapt to the demands of the sport, but also the particular sport to which they apply. Due to the special requirements and the sports world, sports massage essentially fulfill two very important objectives: to prepare the athlete for the physical, both in training and competition, and get them back after.

This translates to both avoid injury and improve athletic performance. Evolution of sports massage Although the origins of sports massage date back many centuries ago, which has continued to evolve and grow with the passage of time. Continued progress in understanding the human body and new technologies have enabled new techniques and more precise massage.

In addition, before the massage is done only in areas where the athlete had trouble, but now seeks to achieve harmony in the whole body to consider the body as a whole, not as the sum of its parts.

Commonly amaze us save time in which athletes are able to recover from an injury that ordinary people we would be immersed for months. This is not only because, as is often supposed, that the athlete physically fit, but also very important methods used in their recovery, including sports massage.

Due to the high demands that exercise places of high competition and the importance of sport in our society, it is not surprising that treatments are at the forefront of sports medicine and are constantly evolving.

Sports Massage and others

Today, using the latest technologies, is the adaptation of traditional techniques such as reflexology, sports massage and shiatsu. At the same time, advances in areas such as neurophysiology allow the emergence of new techniques such as neuromuscular techniques evolution.